Calligraphic Space 4a & 4b

Two zine covers, one with 9 small illustrated initials, the other with an abstract print in dark green and pinkish colors.

A double dose of calligraphic space for the 2022 edition!

Calligraphic Space 4a

Thumbnail overview of all 24 pages of this zine.

Contains a concise illustrated history of the illuminated inital in manuscripts from Late Antiquity till the late Medieval period. The second part of this zine contains handwritten and drawn journal pages with personal takes on the form of the illuminated initial.

Calligraphic Space 4b

Thumbnail overview of all 32 pages in the zine Calligraphic Space 4b.

Part two is a collection of printed works that came out of the research from 4a. Letter-like forms in LEGO letterpress are combined with monoprint to create abstract versions of illuminated initials.

Roy Scholten 2022 24 pages (4a) + 32 pages (4b) 17 x 24 cm

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